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HS Connect was built by us, for us.  We created this organization to empower others to share your stories, allow your voices to be heard, and ensure you’re not living in silence.


We are aware, first hand, of the toll this disease takes on one emotionally, physically, and

mentally and love to encourage others in their journeys based on our experience and knowledge. Our goal is for HS to be as commonplace as any other disease, for those who suffer to stop living in shame, and to support and provide resources for all who suffer.

Our goal is to provide information, resources and support to the HS Community, including those who treat our condition. We've created this all encompassing platform to provide factual and research driven information for those new to HS  to the most experienced HS patient, there's something for everyone here.

HS Connect is run by volunteers and features articles, clinical trials, surveys, stories of others, photos, and more. This information is gathered, researched, and shared by HS advocates who donate our time to this cause.


We pride ourselves on offering as many free resources as possible and do ask those who provide resources that are not free for a discount for the HS Community. HS Connect also pays, by way of donations, for some of the resources in turn offers them to the community at no cost.

While you may not see everything that's happening, rest assured that there are countless hours being spent behind the scenes on behalf of all of us who suffer to create a better world for us.  We spend time working with researchers, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, nurses, foundations, societies, groups, etc., to help further the study of HS and work toward a world where HS is just as commonplace as diabetes.  This includes raising awareness outside of the HS community, helping those who have not yet been diagnosed, misdiagnosed or have not sought care for their HS find a physician who can help them on their journey.

Our awareness mission includes eradicating the stigmas that plague us; all of the misinformation that creates these stigmas and to empower people with knowledge about their condition. 

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