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About HS Connect & Our Mission

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HS Connect is a patient-led non profit organization committed to connecting those who suffer from Hidradenitis Suppurativa and the medical community with support, solutions and resources. 

We want to stop the shame that comes with HS, help people see and believe the beauty in themselves. We hope to take HS in the right direction with your help!

We also hope to further HS awareness and the study of HS, to bring factual and current information to colleges and universities, rid the community of the outdated and antiquated HS training materials and to better educate medical residents and gain more interest in the HS field. 

We created this organization to empower others to share your stories, allow your voices to be heard, and ensure you’re not living in silence. We are aware, first hand, of the toll this disease takes on one emotionally, physically, and mentally and love to encourage others in their journeys based on our experience and knowledge.

HS Connect is run by volunteers and features articles, clinical trials, surveys, stories of others, photos, and more. This information is gathered, researched, and shared by HS advocates who donate our time to this cause. We pride ourselves on offering as many free resources as possible and do ask those who provide resources that are not free for a discount for the HS Community. HS Connect also pays, by way of donations, for some of the resources in turn offers them to the community at no cost. Most of our time and energy is spent on the following:

  • Working with dermatologists, researchers, scientists, virologists, biochemists, therapists, and psychologists

  • Attending HS and other educational seminars

  • Interviewing dermatologists, researchers, biochemists, therapists, other HS warriors 

  • Working with other HS organizations & advocates

  • Gathering years of HS statistics 

  • Writing resourceful articles

  • Developing, maintaining, and managing our HS support group

  • Mental Health - Offer additional resources, interviews and coping strategies

  • Pediatric HS - Engage with Pediatric Dermatology clinics and help spread the word about getting more providers to address HS. Helping parents navigate the condition with their children.

  • Men & HS - Bringing light to the percentage of men impacted by HS around the world 

  • Reaching the Medical Community - Educate ER and Urgent Care physicians, as well as OB/GYN providers, regarding HS in order to reduce the time of onset to diagnosis

  • Nutrition - Work with a nutrition and registered dietitian on articles and to provide nutrition resources and education

  • Spread awareness to those who don't know and help educate those who are new HS, including physicians

  • Giving warriors a platform to express themselves, tell their stories, share their pictures, talents, and share the most vulnerable parts of themselves they don’t feel safe to share elsewhere

  • Giving everyone with HS an opportunity to be a part of this forward momentum

  • Future plans with the help of donations include paying for research studies we are not able to currently gain access to without funding and continuing to offer resources to the community

  • Continue to bring additional resources to the HS community

  • Donations are always put back into the community including donating to other HS foundations, organizations, or HS warriors working to make an impact within the HS world 

  • Paying for our team to attend seminars, conferences, and training, which keeps us up to date with the latest developments, researchers and treatment options so we can provide the community with the most accurate information

  • Providing HS Connect business cards to dermatologists as a resource for their patients

  • Shipping and handling, postage and stamps for giveaways, business cards, flyers, medical supplies for those in need, and more 

  • Preparation and printing of brochures to educate physicians and other allied health professionals and offer resources

  • Creating a Physician Information Exchange and offering resources to the medical field

  • Funding innovative online mental health workshops, sessions and other educational activities for our members

  • Provide scholarships for high school students with HS pursuing higher education

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We do not diagnose, give direct medical advice, and/or treat.  In certain circumstances we, as experienced advocates, may offer our opinions; this does not replace medical advice.  We do, however, offer reliable and reputable information and resources for patients to make the best decisions for themselves and their personal hidradenitis suppurativa.