About HS Connect & Our Mission

Our Mission

To unite those who suffer from Hidradenitis Suppurativa with solutions, support, suggestions, and helpful information for all dealing with this disease. We hope to further HS awareness, the study of HS, inform others of available studies, and share information regarding successful studies; knowledge is power.

More About Us

Denise, Brindley, Ghazal, Roni, Kayla and Jillian are advocates who devote their time, energy, and efforts to the study, research and obtaining knowledge of HS. Between the 6 of us, we have 30+ years of advocacy experience and 100+ years of living with HS. We created this site to empower others to share your stories, allow your voices to be heard, and ensure you’re not living in silence. We are aware, first hand, of the toll this disease, takes on one emotionally, physically, and mentally and love to encourage others in their journeys based on our experience and knowledge. 


We are passionate about sharing our stories and helping others with HS to navigate this disease physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We are working to eradicate the stigma of HS and inform and educate as many people as we can through this website and other ventures.  Our goal is to get this website and education in the hands of all involved with HS, including dermatologists and surgeons, caretakers, spouses, kids, partners, parents, family, and friends.  We've hidden long enough, it's our time to shine.  

What The Site Offers

HS Connect features articles, clinical trials, stories of others, and more. This information is gathered, researched, and shared by your HS advocates who donate our time to this cause. Most of our time spent and energy is spent on the following:


  • Working with researchers & scientists

  • Attending seminars

  • Working with other HS organizations & advocates

  • Gathering years of statistics

  • Writing resourceful articles

  • Developing our support group


Goals Of The Site

  • Spread awareness to those who do not know about HS

  • Educate EVERYONE, including physicians

  • To be a resource for loved ones when people cannot explain HS and its impacts

  • Giving warriors a platform to express themselves, tell their stories, share their pictures, talents, and share the most vulnerable parts of themselves they don’t feel safe to share elsewhere

  • Giving everyone with HS an opportunity to be a part of this forward momentum

  • Helping those with HS who don't have the means for medical supplies in a co-op of sorts

  • Future plans with the help of donations include accessing research studies we are not able to currently without paying for access


2021 Goals 

  • Mental Health

    • Offer more resources, interviews and coping strategies

  • Pediatric HS

    • Creating a list of Pediatric Dermatologists who treat HS in children​

    • Engaging with Pediatric Dermatology clinics to interview and help spread the word about getting more providers to address the condition

    • Sending HS Connect cards to dermatologists who treat pediatrics to offer support to families

    • Creating a support group for parents of children with HS

    • Continuing writing articles to help parents navigate the condition

  • Reaching the Medical Community

    • Speaking with more physicians regarding the condition ​

    • Engaging more physicians by way of webinars by HS Specialists

    • Sending HS Connect cards out to all dermatologists who see HS patients as a resource

  • Nutrition

    • Working with a nutrition and registered dietitian on articles

    • Providing more anti-inflammatory recipes 


See who we have had the honor to work with and help recruit for HS, commercials, documentaries, medical articles, etc. HERE




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