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Adeline Pagan

My name is Adeline Pagán and on June 8, 2018 Pagán gave me the task of searching for information in the networks, of a condition diagnosed to my then adolescent daughter, Kiara Lerbous. To my surprise, I did not find enough information and as a mother I finally decided to create the Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Puerto Rico Facebook page. As of today we are 653 and the group is made up of patients, family, friends and health personnel. I have seen the impact of the condition on my daughter, on the members and how it affects family members. It is certainly a chronic condition that needs to be raised as it is very little known. I hope as a Foundation to do my bit for the well-being of all my dear members.

Ady, Entre ellas Annie Mercado, Angel, Lorna, and María Pagan just secured an HS Proclamation in Puerto Rico, the first of it's kind!  Thank you on behalf of the HS world for bringing more awareness and light to HS in Puerto Rico!

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