Auto-inflammatory, Hormone,Gene Mutation & Systemic Research

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T Helper 1/T Helper 17 Phenotypes

Characterized by Dysregulation of the Th17:Treg Cell Axis

Keratinocytes and neutrophils

Pathophysiology of Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Lower Risk of Staphylococcus Colonisation in Danish Blood Donors

Nicastrin Mutation in a Three Generation Dutch Family

The Role of Interleukin-17 in the Pathogenesis of HS

Analysis of HS Linked Mutations in Four Genes and the Effects of PSEN1-P242LfsX11 on Cytokine and Chemokine Expression in Macrophages

Autoinflammatory Keratinization Disease

Matrix Remodelling and MMP Expression/Activation

Ultrasound Detection of Early Signs Linked to the Severity and Tunnels in HS

Apocrine Glands are Bystanders in HS and their Involvement is Gender-Specific

Follicular Skin Microbiome

Defective Follicular Support

Role of Androgens and Estrogens

Inflammatory Role of Sex Steroids & Hormones in Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Defining HS Phenotypes

Contributions to Immune Dysregulation in HS

Greater Systemic Inflammatory Load

32 Studies Supporting HS as Auto-inflammatory (this is an overview of all studies listed below)

Connecting the Tracts

Auto-inflammatory & Innate Immune

Auto-Inflammatory & Hair Follicle Involvement

Auto-Inflammatory via Ex Vivio Study

Genetics & Genes

A New Pathway of Pathogenesis

Skin Transcriptome in HS Uncovers an Antimicrobial

Molecular Innate Immunity

Role of Deficient Cutaneous Innate Immunity

From Pathogenesis to Diagnosis and Treatment

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