Bethan Emery

Hello, I’m Bethan. I live in the South Wales valleys in the United Kingdom. A small but beautiful place. I thoroughly enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Walking and hiking through local hills is one of my favourite things to do. I like to keep fit, cook and EAT. Family and friends are extremely important to me and this of course includes my beloved cat Angus.

I was diagnosed with HS in 2016 after roughly 10 months of recurrent abscesses in my groin. Just like many people who live with this condition, I experienced unbearable pain and physical discomfort, but the hardest part for me was the mental battles I had with myself. My HS sent me to an incredibly dark place and I suffered with mental ill health, anxiety and depression for many years. Whilst I still have some difficulties with anxiety on occasion, I am now happy to say I am medication free and found my way through the depression.

My HS journey has opened my mind up to so much good. The HS community gave me the strength I needed to be open about my experiences and make connections with the most wonderful people.

I now prioritise my mental and physical health and where I can, I try to spread a little positivity with others. I am a true believer that a positive mindset can drastically impact your quality of life and so where I can I try to implement that.  

Team tidbit: My rainy days are usually spent watching documentaries, horror films and I am also a proud Harry Potter and Jurassic Park fan. I can often be found dancing around the house to Otis Redding and I am convinced I was born in the wrong era. I love Halloween, Christmas and any excuse to go OTT.  If I see a tree it is likely that I will attempt to climb it and full disclosure, I talk to sheep on my countryside walks.