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Community members who have been recognized by HS Connect for helping move HS in the right direction!

Community Advocates are those who have been identified as committed and reliable, with various levels of HS knowledge and, who want to help others within the community, support groups, or other social media platforms outside of Facebook (if applicable) and may also assist us with special projects.


We need an "army" of HS warriors helping us to dispel the stigmas and incorrect information and helps move HS in the right direction!


Community advocates provide the HS community with resources from our organization's website (or other reputable resources) to include:




•Information on HS 

•Help direct others to resources where appropriate

Our support group, The Unique Fun Facts HS Connect Global Support Group, is a direct correlation to our organization and website and is another wonderful resource.  Join our group here


Disclaimer: Advocates cannot give direct medical advice or treat anyone.

Thank you to our Community Advocates for helping us take

Hidradenitis Suppurativa in the right direction! 

Community Advocates


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