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We are currently accepting 50 applications for a survey study
regarding the use of Dermeleve Anti-Itch cream for HS itch. 
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Step 1
  • Complete the application
  • After completing the application you will  receive an email from to confirm your interest after applying
  • You MUST respond to the email in order to move to qualify
  • Once confirmed, we'll ship you Dermeleve with further instructions
Step 2
  • Once you receive your Dermeleve, you'll take a quick baseline survey prior to starting to use the product
  • Use Dermeleve on all of your HS itch for the week
  • At the end of the week you'll take the final survey 
Copy of CLn Survey Study Instructions FB  (Letter) (Instagram Post (Square)) (3 × 1 in) (1
Step 3
  • After using Dermeleve for 1 week, take the survey about how Dermeleve worked for your HS itch

*surveys are only for participants who have been confirmed and are going through the survey study process*

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