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I'm writing this because I feel like it's needed because sometimes even when we been with someone so long we are still self conscious about our bodies and our pesky HS Flair Ups. So I want to share a little story about what happened last night that changed my mind set to not be self conscious about my HS Flair Ups anymore. 

Yesterday my significant other and I went on our monthly staycation in a hotel. Everything was perfect from our room to our view of our main landmark. After a few drinks and dinner and time to get down to the razzle dazzle (and of course I am having horrible flair ups this week) I was really self conscious and I kept trying to hide my flair ups. (Currently have 2 in my girl area and on my butt and under my boobs and of course my armpits.) My boyfriend stopped me and said babe what are you doing you always do this why are you hiding yourself? I said babe you know I  have these flair ups because of this HS and I'm having a bad break out and he said I don't care I been with you through the beginning of this which was 6 years ago and I'm not gonna let your condition come between us when I know what's going on. This makes you even more beautiful so don't hide it anymore please I'm not grossed out or going to think its ugly. When he said this a big relief was lifted and I felt confident and comfortable for once around him during our special time (heck now around anyone.) Even being with someone and not having that heart to heart with you put up that wall of self conscious and try to hide it even when your significant other knew about it from the beginning. So after 6 years and finally having that talk made me not self conscious anymore. I am proud to say I have HS and I am not ashamed of it!

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