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Facts & Figures

The only fact that we're sure about when it comes to HS is that we have no idea how many people actually have hidradenitis suppurativa!


It's estimated that HS impacts 1-4% of the population, or 1 in every 100 people on average, but we believe the prevalence is actually higher.  We know there are many who have been misdiagnosed or have not sought treatment for their condition.

As many people who have shared their HS story have found, once you start talking about it, so many others come forward to share their own stories. 


Because of the shame and stigmas associated with HS, it's not uncommon for most people to hide their disease and think they are alone on this journey.  Once they know they are not alone and there is a community of people like just like them, the feelings of loneliness and isolation ease.   

Below are some facts and figures regarding the prevalence of HS currently. Please note that there are many factors that contribute to the knowns and unknowns about HS.  There are many racial and ethnic undercurrents at play here making it impossible to truly determine an accurate percentage of people in the US or worldwide with HS.


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The only fact that really matters is... YOU ARE NOT ALONE

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