How to keep moving forward in life with HS without going off the rails.

Dominick shares his successes, struggles, surgeries and HS from a man's perspective. 

What’s going on Trainwrecks? My name is Dominick Juliano and I am a Beautiful Trainwreck.

I have had a deep connection to trains my entire life and often use them to illustrate my examples. I think we spend most our lives on what we might view as a “track.” A path that we can see before us and behind us because that is usually how we travel from one life experience to the next. Many experiences we encounter are expected: our first job, finishing High School, getting married, etc. However, some serious life experiences we encounter (like being diagnosed with HS) will cause us to view ourselves going off the rails. But what if we are actually “merging tracks” with a new path and that can be both scary and frustrating, but also inspiring? I believe it boils down to our perspective and how we choose to view things going forward. I want you to get back on track and on your purpose. I want you to go full steam ahead.

I think this part of my journey is not to simply show others how I have been knocked off my own rails by HS and other things, but to share how I continue to get back on track and so can others. My concept of full-steam-ahead focuses on our ability to pursue our goals and to live a life on our own terms regardless of what adverse conditions we encounter. I think we are all capable of achieving acceptance of ourselves and pulling our load in life, but we cannot do it on our own. Steam locomotives take a wide spectrum of attention to function properly, and when they reach their potential, they can accomplish incredible things, just like you and me. I am going to share with you how to move forward and go full steam ahead.

An HS diagnosis means our personal tolerance is being stretched and because of that, we become more resilient. On my website I openly write about my experiences, my terrible mistakes, and my journey forward learning to accept myself for who I am “right now.” For years, my purpose was to be a calm voice for someone in a tough situation, and to lead them through it. Today I have picked up where I left off after my own train wreck. Today I have regained my full-steam-ahead, and I am taking you with me.

السبيل الوحيد للخروج هو من خلال

Dominick Juliano is a retired military veteran in his final year of coursework for his Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Author of his blog and YouTube channel: Beautiful Trainwreck, he explores a variety of topics relating to personal development. In his spare time, he studies Shorinji Kempo martial arts with his son and takes naps with his Schnoodle. 

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