HIDRAWEAR Product Evaluation


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Please see below complete details from HidraMed Solutions - HidraWear product evaluation


HidraMed Solutions would like to work with clinicians to conduct a product evaluation of HidraWear, the world’s 1st HS specific wound care solution.


HidraWear is a 3-part wound care kit that enables quick and easy dressing placement and adhesive free, secure retention in difficult to dress areas, in this case the axilla. HidraWear is FDA registered and available for online sale at www.hidrawear.com


If you have patients with axillary hidradenitis suppurativa, and would like to know more about the product evaluation, please complete the form below.




 What we provide:


  • A starter Pack of HidraWear AX for 3-5 patients per clinic (RRP $99 per starter pack)

  • Starter Pack includes a reusable HidraWear Garment and one months supply (60x) of  HidraWear Dressings


What we require:


  • The patient will use HidraWear in the home setting for 21 days

  • On day 0 the patient completes a Dermatology Quality of Life Index Survey, and a short questionnaire about their wound care experience

  • On day 21, the patient completes the same questionnaire

  • At the completion of the 3-5 patient trial, we also request a short questionnaire from you based on your professional opinion of the product and its impact on your patient


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact HidraWear directly at info@hidrawear.com


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