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Jamie Rubio

Hello, my name is Jamie Rubio. 

I was born in Minnesota, my parents moved us here to NW Arkansas within my first year of life. I have lived in this area, or around it since.


I've been married to an understanding, sweet soul for 19 years, together for 25. We have 6 children between us, all but 2 are grown. We also have 3 grandchildren. I'm a self taught fiber artist, painter, and jewelry designer.


I was born with a bone defect in both knees where there are bones missing, as well as dysplasia in both hips. I have had issues with several joints in my body dislocating, resulting in a few surgeries. Unfortunately they proved not to be helpful. 


I have been an HS suffer since 8 years old, I'm now 43. I wasn't officially diagnosed until pregnant with my 3rd child, at 30. I was told I had everything from cystic acne, boils, to an STD. Turns out it was HS, chronic cellulitis, as well as chronic folliculitis. I also have PCOS, and Pilonidal disease.


I have two children (13, 25) that suffer with HS alongside other skin issues. Since finding support groups about 6 years ago via Facebook, I have felt less alone with these struggles. Before that, I had never known anyone else that had HS, other than my oldest child. I have no known family link to Hidradenitis Suppurativa. 


I have been advocating for HS patients, as well as my children, for many years. I continue to educate myself on everything HS related. I'm confident I can help others to better understand Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and in a timely manner. I enjoy helping to bring straight forward, honest answers to other sufferers, as well as educating them on where they can access the info for themselves. I feel as if it will help us all if we're educated on our own disease, as well as others personal experiences. As we know, this disease, and us as humans are so very different. 


I look forward to getting to know, and helping as many HS sufferers as possible in the years to come., and Hidradenitis Suppurativa Unique Fun Facts has been invaluable to me, and continues to be my best source for up to date information. 


My favorite saying is keep pushing forward, and don't look back after all you're not going that way. 


You can contact me via Facebook.

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