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I was a Dispensary Manager before honing my artistic abilities in recent months. HS and other health issues have forced me into early retirement. At this time, my art is my sole source of income. In addition, it provides me an incredible sense of some self worth and satisfaction. In addition, Cannabis has provided me a great deal of relief in its topicals, edibles and flower. I found it natural to combine my two passions and came up with A Pour Budding Artist. Thank you all for your support and positive encouragement.

A lot of her art is named after various cannibus strains. The 3 pieces she shares with us are called Alcopolco Gold, Larry OG & Passion Orange Guava.


You can find more of her art here:



Pinterest & Instagram @apourbuddingartist

If you're interested in purchasing any of her work, email her at or visit her site at

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