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Jeremy Hinskton - Founder of Warrior Stories & Advocate

Welcome friends and fellow HS Warriors.  My name is Jeremy Hinskton, and my [now Hurley Stage 3] journey with HS began in 2015.  Read more about that story here.  

I spent nine months bedridden because of HS. This experience fueled a fire to connect with the broader HS community and do anything and everything I can to help. 

One of the life mantras I live by - and want you to as well - is that HS does not define us, our passions do.  Some of my passions include:

  • Photography: first and foremost, my love is for photography.  In particular, landscape photography with deep, yet vibrant tones.  

  • Videography: my wife, Jillian, and I run a travel YouTube channel, where we showcase food, culture, and helpful tips in different places around the world. 

  • Music: my formal education and career are in the field of audio engineering, where I’ve had countless amazing experiences meeting and working with the world’s top musicians and performers. I also compose and produce music, which is used in our YouTube videos, and available to stream on all major streaming platforms (@muSiK). 

  • Warrior Stories (new!): This is a new project I’m really excited about.  These inspiring videos showcase HS Warriors around the world sharing their story, passions, and reminding the broader community that you are not alone.  Being bedridden for a better part of a year and losing the ability to do all of the things that I’m so passionate about fueled a fire to create inspiration for the broader HS community to yourselves be inspired and never to let HS prevent you from doing what you love.   Interested in your story being heard? Learn more.


If you’d like to see my work in action:

Profile Pieces: RE/Figured, Voyage KC

Videography: YouTube (Warrior Stories)YouTube (Travel)


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