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Hello!  My name is Jeremy Hinskton. 

I am severe stage 3, and recently was bed ridden for 6 months. Currently starting to get back to my feet now…doing physical therapy to build all my muscles back I lost (went from 210lbs to 160lbs). It’s been quite the nightmare of a journey. 

I’m a professional photographer, videographer, audio engineer/composer, and most recently, my wife and I have a travel YouTube channel…which we actually talk about HS a few times…as well as have a video dedicated to trying to get Humira while we were in Brazil in November 2020. It was the start of me being bed ridden.  

I also recently connected with someone who facilitates something called the “ReFigured Project”…where people with life changing trauma, scars, and wounds, have themselves and their scars/wounds photographed as they tell the story of their life changing events.  It’s very emotional, and uplifting. It’s about finding a silver lining or some sort of positivity in your trauma.  I did one of those sessions a few weeks ago, just trying to get the word out to the public about HS, and how devastating it is.    

YouTube Channel - The Adventures of Jinx and the Tiny Ninja

Video about trying to get Humira in Brazil (start of being bed ridden)

Photography Website


Music (will also soon be available for  purchasing/licensing) 






Facebook (personal page)

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