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I have lived with HS for well over 25 years. My mother told me that the “cysts” I was getting every month were normal, as she and her mother both had them. I learned to live with them as they only bothered me for a few days each month. Eventually they started showing up more frequently and in different areas. I was formally diagnosed in 2019. I quickly became an advocate for other HS warriors after battling sepsis and learning that many of the “facts” my dermatologist at the time quoted me were not only untrue, but dangerous. I now have an amazing team of specialists  who work in tandem to treat not only my HS, but several autoimmune issues as well. I am currently stage II. 


I live in Golden Valley MN with my spouse and dog. I also have an adult son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law (getting married in fall 2022). My interests include mental health/suicide prevention and intervention, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, veterans rights,  Halloween, bar trivia, music, reading, and writing. 


Why do I want to be a community advocate?

This is a disease that is still largely misunderstood by doctors, patients, and the general public. I believe being able to talk to others and providing them with accurate information is an important part of bringing awareness to HS. 


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