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I remember having a couple of abscesses throughout my teenage years, but when I was 7 months pregnant with my second child I got one on my vagina, and it was incredibly painful, I struggled to walk, sit, stand and move, this was the size of a golf ball, after many many hot salt baths this eventually popped, little abscesses popped up but nothing major, then in May 2014 a abscesses appeared under my right armpit, went to the doctors and was sent away with antibiotics was to and from the doctors for a couple of years when a abscess appeared under my left armpit (I still had the one under my right which kept popping and filling back up) Eventually got referred to a breast surgeon who diagnosed me with HS back in November 2018, i suffer under both of my arms! I think I speak on behalf of all HS sufferers that I could go on and on and probably wrote a book on how day to day tasks are a struggle, how we have to try different creams, soaps and pills etc to see what works for you as a individual.

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