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Kimberly Bennett

Hello my fellow HS Warriors!   I am Kimberly and I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa by way of Tampa, Florida.   I am married with two teenagers in the house!  I work outside the home full time in Program Management.  I was 'diagnosed' with HS in my late twenties when a dermatologist gave me antibiotics that had no hope of helping me, but at least I'd leave the office.  After a new doctor and a few rounds with Enbrel, I went into remission for ten plus years.  Then HS came back with a vengeance.   I started antibiotics, topicals and Humira with no improvement.  I finally succumbed to the idea that surgery was my only option and went through debridement and excision of my underarm with skin graft.   I'm hoping that is it, but we all know how that can go.   One thing that I am sure of, you have to be your own health advocate, educate yourself and speak up!  I recently went 'public' with my disease to educate and inform those around me and I hope to do more of that with HSConnect.    It can be ugly, lonely and depressing so we've got to fight it!  HS WILL NOT WIN! Outside of HS, I love to golf, swim and root on my Tampa Bay Buccaneers!  You will also find me on the soccer pitch rooting for my favorite player, my Son.  

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