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Laura Acs

Hi there, Laura here! My HS officially caught my eye in mid 2019 (in hindsight I've had 1 small reoccurring abscess in my hiney since 1998) I used to get a red swelling bump under my left arm for about 3-4 months that would come and go, my family doctor chalked it up to weight, diabetes and stress. Not her fault exactly, as it could have been, but I was pretty sure the second or third time googling that it was HS. It got bad fast, by the beginning of 2020 it was both armpits and back of my neck each had minimum of 3, armpits more like 4-5 all leaking on top of under belly, sides and breasts. My groin and lady bits followed quickly. I was a mess I had been dealing with emotional trauma for 20 years (didn't know exactly what that was either), diabetes, PCOS, (insert 10 others here) all of a sudden I had extreme pain, depression, diabetes acting up, unexplained back factures, NO Vitamin D almost, severe psoriasis. I had no idea what was happening and by the time I put my foot down for a referral to the dermatologist I couldn't lift my arms, barely walk, and tears were common place; that lasted till Spring 2021 (the only option I was given was Humira and that was at the beginning of COVID ). I said no, but still had no information or understanding of what HS actually was.


And that's when I found HS Connect... thankfully I started reading and reading I don't know why exactly I started to heal but knocking on wood I'm definitely getting better. I think knowledge and knowing things, understanding PTSD, drastically reducing potatoes (I love mashed potatoes and gravy), giving up all the antibiotics & antibacterials (unless necessary because I heard a wise woman say LESS is MORE) and fixing my vitamin D made a huge difference for me. 


I feel knowledge is power and I am passionate in wanting to help each of us have that real true knowledge readily available from the get go, I want all HS Warriors to be safe in knowing they can reach out and find Advocates all around you to help guide, inform or be an ear of understanding to speak into to.

Laura Acs or via FaceBook Messenger

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