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Living with HS

Living with HS can be many things; unpredictable, challenging, messy, painful, exhausting, and so much more. Many of us have tips we use to get through challenging times, have an extra set of clothes in the car, carry an HS Emergency Kit, never be without wound care supplies, etc. We're here to share those tips and tricks with you to help make your HS journey as easy to navigate as possible. 


One of the most difficult things about living with HS is the unpredictability; never knowing when a flare will appear or when it will drain. Being prepared for those things (as much as possible) is one of the keys to reducing the amount of stress that HS can create.  

Learning to live with a chronic condition takes time, and most of all, being patient with yourself. When you're used to being the one who handles everything, being down is very difficult and the guilt that arises can be overwhelming. Take the time to explain to your family, loved ones, friends, support system, why you're unable to commit, why you have to cancel so frequently, why you're not able to take care of dinner tonight, whatever the case may be. We're pretty sure you'll find more support than you thought possible.  After all, those are the people who love and care for you the most. 

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