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Mario Otero

Hey my fellow warriors! My name is Mario Otero and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. My HS story is much like all of ours; I first noticed my “boil” about 20 years ago and since that time my HS has moved all over my body.


I wasn’t properly diagnosed until 2011, and that’s when my journey truly began. Since then I have tried all the usual suspects of antibiotics, biologics and surgeries. My HS is on my back, which my dermatologist tells me is considered atypical, however, I have had them in my armpits, groin, buttocks, you name it. 


I have an awesome partner who has been so understanding and compassionate about this hideous disease. I also have the world's cutest cat, Thea. 


Feel free to DM me if you have any questions about CO2 laser surgeries, or the process of being in a drug trial

Find me on Facebook here.

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