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Melissa S.

I was misdiagnosed for years. Even after having my son, it got way worse. Numerous doctors and a surgeon could not tell me what I had or even able to prescribe anything to give me some relief. I believed myself I had hs after multiple research and reading. I finally went to this down to earth lady doctor. She took one look and instantly diagnosed me with hs. She only knew straight away as she has it herself! My doctor even does research, participates in studies and hopes there's a cure one day  She's brilliant and for once I don't feel ashamed or embarrassed because she totally gets it. It brings some comfort having a doctor that knows what it's like. I have constantly struggled with depression and self confidence. I'm badly scarred, but I know there's nothing I can do about it. So I am starting to accept myself more the way I am. Of course it is still challenging and hard, it will be. I'm very grateful to my partner that has never treated me any different because of it either. Even at times I have constantly pushed away especially while dealing with bad, painful flares. He never gives up on me, even at times when I want to. I'm lucky to have an understanding partner and when it does get me down, I look at my kids and they instantly put a smile on my face  I continue to fight, even when in pain because I will not give in. I won't let it define my life. I find happiness in every way possible, even on my darkest days. At times I worry what the future holds with this disease, but I remind myself to live in the now and enjoy life as much as possible. So to all the HS Warriors... stay strong, you are beautiful and don't let anyone make you feel different!  People who don't have hs, don't know what it takes to survive! I appreciate all of you so much and forever grateful I found people just like myself  When I'm feeling down I look at my tattoo and it gives me strength and hope. It represents self love and acceptance without fear of shame  Never give up HS WARRIORS 

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