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I have had skin problems for several years, like cystic acne or pilonidal abscesses.  I've been treated with lancing, oral and topical antibiotics, and benzyl peroxide wash.  Another option was Accutane, but I wasn't entirely comfortable with it so I didn't bother to take it.  In December 2019, I had a pilonidal sinus excision surgery.  For a few months I had dressing changes at community health that, for a while, involved the wound getting packed to help it heal.  Following my surgery, I had an appointment with my dermatologist, where I showed her a boil in my right armpit area that had appeared after picking at a small blemish.  It was then that she suggested Humira, an injectable biologic medication. The reasoning for this was because of HS.  I decided to give the Humira a try, and 4+ months later, the flare is under control; though it's still there, it's flattened out.  Taking Humira has been a bumpy road, because it can be difficult to get up nerve to inject yourself.  During Awareness Week, I'm trying to raise awareness about the disease.  I myself didn't know anything about it until I found out I had it and read up on it.  I am blessed in the sense that the Humira has worked and continues to work, and that the disease is under control.  I know not everyone is as fortunate and I send those people a big ton of support.  We're all in this together.

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