Psychologist Dr. Mina Guirguis' interview with Ghazal Ghafari

Thank you for joining us for HSConnect's new informational and awareness series focused on psychodermatology, where we dive deeper into the mind-body connection! Please note that this interview and series are not meant to replace counseling, therapy or psychological services. Neither this interview, nor any information contained within it, are a substitute for professional care by a doctor or other qualified medical professional. If you need help or need to talk to someone, please reach out to the resources shared on and below:

Suicide Prevention Hotlines Worldwide click HERE

Below are websites, books, and article links discussed during the interview: 


Dr. Mina Guirguis contact information


Psychology Today Therapist Finder


Mind Over Mood Workbook


Deep Breathing Examples


Imagery Technique Examples

(guided sound audio focused on pediatric patients)

Regarding pain management and HS, Dr. Mina Guirguis wanted to add more information to his answer from the recorded interview. Please see his additional comments below: 


“When someone is presenting with physical pain at our office we provide validation, understanding, and help the patient recognize how their pain affects their emotional reactions to other and how do they deal with it. Also, help them explore better ways of dealing with it. We also, explore obstacles that might hinder them from dealing with their pain in a better way.”

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Coping Article

Depression & HS Article

NHS Guide to Coping


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