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When I first had my outbreak of flares in my right armpit, I had no idea what was going on with me. However, I thought maybe it was just a regular abscess. the doctor I went to see was in an emergency room and I remember clearly to this day, he looked at them and was not pleased to what he had seen. he said to me, "this was your fault that you didnt come to the ER too see the doctor right away." I was in shock he told me that, he went on and continued "I cant help you, I'll call one of my assistants to give you a tetanus shot and a shot of rociphen" he diagnosed me with abscesses. That was it, a quick 10 min look to degrade me and so I decided to find other solutions on my own because the way that doctor made me feel, made me feel disgusted. This was when I was 23 I am now 31 and just recently diagnosed last year.

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