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about mossy

Mossy Moran is an HS warrior and musician with amazing talent. His music keeps him going. He is sharing one of his favorite recordings with us. He recorded it in 2009 with his older daughter; it’s an old American classic.


His heated style of Irish traditional and contemporary music who hails from Ireland's southeast coastal city of Waterford. In his first band at age 15, Mossy lead with incredible vocals that kept his Irish fans coming back for more. As his talent grew, so did his audience. At age 19 Mossy made his act a solo one, singing songs and telling stories of the Irish people all over Ireland’s southeastern coast. In 1996 he made a break for the United States to sing his foot stomping brand of Irish music stateside.


To learn more about Mossy, be sure to visit his Facebook page here.

listen& watch here

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