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Hello, my name is Nicole McNeece. I have HS. I was recently diagnosed last year. (Thankfully) I can remember back in my early teens getting abscesses. I was about 21 when I had to got the hospital to have my first one lanced and packed. For years i always thought i just had bad skin/acne. In 2011 i woke up on a sunday morning and couldnt walk on my right leg... I thought maybe i chipped my bone in it by hitting it. So I went to the hospital to have an xray done ... they told me i had sprained it. ( Ive heard a sprain hurt worst  than a break)I was put in a walking boot and sent on my way. I was like that for a week and the pain was so bad on friday night when i made it back to the hospital.. needless to say i had 3 or 4 surgeries and a wound vac to save my leg.. also the best surgeon in the world. I was also septic. So I spent 14 days in the hospital. I am so blessed to be here fighting this disease. Some days are harder than others. But I will keep fighting.  I have the best family in the world. My man never fails me when it comes to taking care of my wounds. And my grown children are always a phone call away.I will keep fighting cause I know I am warrior. 


God bless, Nicole

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