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Navigating a 504 Educational Plan for Children with HS

Updated: Jan 22

Are you looking for a way for your child to stay in or navigate school with Hidradenitis Suppurativa? A 504 can help. So, what, why, and who is a 504 plan for? A 504 is a legal document that can be obtained for school age children to protect them and provide for them special accommodations at school all through college. The Civil Rights Laws, under which the 504 is contained, includes the skin as an affected body system and activities such as sitting, walking, concentrating and performing manual tasks among others as qualifiers.

504’s must be requested by a parent. But, having your physician on board will go a long way toward securing the 504 for your child. The note from your doctor should include the reason for the request and if possible, a plea noting the benefits of the accommodations requested (such as allowing the child to remain in school as much as possible), please note, if you are having trouble obtaining a 504 for HS alone consider adding the mental implications as well since they too are covered.

The requirements for requesting a 504 are a disability that interferes with the ability to learn in a traditional setting such as the sitting, walking, concentrating, etc. mentioned previously.

Once a request is made, your child will be evaluated, extensively. Do not worry, they test for educational deficits, as well, this is par for the course. Be sure to request that you are welcomed as part of the 504 committee for your child.

Carefully consider what accommodations your child MIGHT need. It is better to be over-prepared for eventualities than under-prepared. That being said, a 504 can be revisited and will be every 1-3 years by the committee.

Once your child is approved for accommodations, it is important that you discuss with them what they are empowered and entitled to. This is a legally binding document and it must be followed by all staff. Additionally, be sure to request a copy of your child’s 504 plan.

A 504 must include exactly what accommodations must be provided, the exact impairment(s) being addressed (don’t forget mental health) and the name of the person who will be overseeing the 504.

Upon graduation, this can be used through college with some modifications. You will need to contact disability services to find out where to go for a discussion and filing of the modified 504.

If you are having trouble with your school and compliance, contact your local office for the disabled.

If you need some help on developing a good list of accommodations, email me at cyannuzzi72@gmail.com.

Christine Yannuzzi

HS Patient Advocate, caregiver and patient

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