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Updated: Jan 12

There’s never a dull moment around here! HSconnect and the products featured on the site support years of research. This information is gathered, researched and shared by your HS advocates who donate our time to this cause. Most of our time spent and energy is spent on the following:

- Working with researchers

- Working with scientists

- Attending seminars

- Working with other HS organizations

- Working with other advocates

- Gathering years of statistics

- Writing resourceful articles

- Developing the support group

- Most importantly, ALWAYS HELPING WARRIORS!

As you can imagine all of this extremely time consuming, but well worth the time and energy in order to help our fellow HS patients!

Goals for hsconnect.org:

- Spread awareness to those who do not know about HS

- Educate EVERYONE, including physicians

- To be a resource for loved ones when people cannot explain HS and its impacts

- Giving warriors a platform to express themselves, tell their stories, share their pictures, talents, share the most vulnerable parts of themselves they don’t feel safe to share elsewhere

- Giving everyone with HS an opportunity to be a part of this forward momentum!

- Future plans include a platform for researchers and a place to share their research on a collegiate level

- Again, most importantly, ALWAYS HELPING WARRIORS!

New Outreach

One of our main goals is to spread awareness and educate physicians so hsconnect.org has purchased business cards for physicians to give to their patients as a resource.

Our plan:

Phase 1: Distribute cards to all physicians on our list on the website

Phase 2: Create a brochure to accompany the cards being sent to physicians to further explain the mission of hsconnect.org

Phase 3: Make these cards available to you, the HS community, to give to your physician and help spread awareness (will be able to request on the website)

Phase 4: Create the ability for the doctor’s office to request cards on the site and have them shipped to them

Other Endeavors

Additional profit will help towards funding any research and data collection and work towards an official HS awareness month, which will require a presidential proclamation.

Support Non-Profit HS Organizations

Any additional profit would be used to help support sister organizations Such as Hope for HS, HS Trust in the UK and others.

Feel good about purchasing from hsconnect.org knowing that the money made on these products goes towards HS causes. Each item you purchase also helps spread awareness and supports the HS cause.


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