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Below are products that others with HS have used and recommended. Please remember what works for one may not work for another. Click on the link below to jump to that section of the page. 

HS Entrepreneur Products

These products are not to replace medical advice. Some of the products listed may not have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Please see individual products for information, potential side effects etc.

Other Products

The Mama Au

Products specifically designed for HS

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@themama_au is proud to offer AfterPay on all orders $35+ (includes shipping costs). An easy & affordable way to pay for the items you need in the now for your active flares without any financial stress.  


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WHAT IS HIDRAWEAR? A wearable wound management garment specifically designed for people living with  (HS).

Unrestricted movement: Body conforming to allow for easy movement.

No leaks: The special anti-strike through layer on HidraWear dressings minimize leaks.

Easy application: Super easy to apply and remove!

Ultimate comfort: Created to perform in everyday life. You can trust it to stay in place and not leak giving you both comfort and peace of mind.

You can use your own dressings with the garment, but please note that HidraWear dressings have been tested and validated with the garment. Other dressings may not stay in place or function correctly, but it is possible to use other dressings.


HS Entrepreneur Products


Lacy is an HS Warrior from Dayton, Ohio who created her own line of products to treat her HS.


Before she started selling her products, she was looking for ways to heal her HS naturally.  After researching online and reading about different ingredients she found some simple ingredients that she could put together herself. Since her self made products were working great for both Lacy and her sister, who also suffers with HS, she wanted to share and hopes it helps others.

Scar Lightening Oil

Lightening Oil Acne Scars | Hyperpigmentation Oil | HS Scar Lightener


Activated Charcoal Body & Face Wash

 Hidradenitis Friendly Ingredients | Vegan  | Natural Liquid



Kay Fox created these products for herself and now that they've worked for her, she wants to share with her fellow HS warriors!

Skin Care for Hidradenitis Suppurativa that are simple, natural, and ready for active flare ups!

Machine washable and reusable pads to help with draining abscesses in the groin, labia, butt, and scrotum as well as ice packs specifically designed for those specific sensitive areas.  These are vetted by HS sufferers and others with chronic illnesses! 


Outstanding reviews for the products and Ms. Tanya Bernard, the Etsy Shop owner!  


Be sure to let her know that you want the "wicking jersey fabric" for the cloth type as opposed to the flannel, which would would be a special order. This is a personal preference, you may like the flannel!  The wicking fabric will absorb more drainage and is more breathable which can also help prevent yeast rashes and or infection. 


If you need extra long flaps to help with the crease of your legs, please indicate that in your order.  


If you have questions or need assistance, reach out to Ms. Tanya on her Etsy site and she'll be happy to help!



Drawing Salves


Drawing Salves

Wound Care & Anti-Inflammatory