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Below are products that others with HS have used and recommended. Please remember what works for one
may not work for another. 
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These products are not meant to replace medical advice or prescribed medications. Some of the products listed may not have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Please see individual products for information, potential side effects etc.

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The Mama Au

Products specifically designed for HS

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@themama_au is proud to offer AfterPay on all orders $35+ (includes shipping costs). An easy & affordable way to pay for the items you need in the now for your active flares without any financial stress.  


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WHAT IS HIDRAWEAR? A wearable wound management garment specifically designed for people living with  (HS).

Unrestricted movement: Body conforming to allow for easy movement.

No leaks: The special anti-strike through layer on HidraWear dressings minimize leaks.

Easy application: Super easy to apply and remove!