This section will constantly be updated with the most current research we can find regarding HS and the impacts on all areas of life and the future of the disease.  Some include an extrapolation of synopsis of the study for ease of reading.  The link to the full study is included whehter there is a synopsis or not.  *innate immunity = auto-inflammatory

Auto-inflammatory, Hormone,

Gene Mutation & 

Systemic Research 

Auto-inflammatory, hormone, follicle and follicle occlusion Research 

Statistics, History

& Future of HS

History of HS and A Call To Action for our Future

Research Volumes /  Online Journals

Research and Online Journals

Associated Health Conditions 

Co-morbid health issues and/or illnesses common in those with hs

All Types of Treatments

Drugs prescribed for HS to include side effects and common side effects

Impacts on Life

Impacts of HS on quality of life and mental health

Case Reports

Case reports of real HS cases

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