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My name is Samantha, but I typically go by Sammi. I am 29 years old, and will be married in May of 2022 to my best friend and support system in life. I work as a teacher in a curriculum-based childcare program while attending school to be an ASL/English interpreter. After finding my way to HS Connect, their support group, and the information they provide I have started to share not only information, but my personal journey. 

I was diagnosed with HS when I was 8. For many years from my initial diagnosis I was given inaccurate information about my condition. It’s in the sweat glands, you can only use specific deodorants, not antiperspirants. My journey has mostly consisted of injections into my abscesses when they were truly painful. Hot washcloths for the pain and swelling, popping them, and I also used Accutane for roughly a year and a half to treat cystic acne (and hoping it would help my HS as well). 


I want to help share information to those in my life that support me, as well as to those in my community (and outside it depending on how far information is shared) that may be suffering but not have a diagnosis yet. I want to help build the community so no one has to feel alone, or think that they are abnormal because they don’t know how many other people share in their condition. I want people to have information to be able to stand up for themselves and their needs in the medical setting. 

You never know who you might help by sharing. 

Facebook- Sammi Jo Hess

Instagram- @sassy.sammijo 

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