How are they different?

StuffThatWorks was created to empower people with HS and other chronic conditions to discover which treatments work best and for whom.

By using the combined power of crowd sourcing, artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms, StuffThatWorks is transforming people's experiences into an organized, advanced knowledge base of information. This data is then analyzed to provide group and personalized insights focusing on treatment effectiveness. The database reveals insights about underlying causes, patterns in symptoms, co-morbidities, and which treatments work best.
Just like Wikipedia, Waze or Kickstarter, when people come together for a common cause the result can be huge!

How does it work?


Individuals with chronic conditions share their experience in an organized survey. This data is then anonymized and analyzed using advanced machine learning algorithms that are programmed to look for valuable insights for the entire condition community, subgroups and ]individuals. The insights are then shared with the community where members can comment, discuss, and pose new research questions.


Join a community of 5000+ people with HS! 

Complete their survey to share your experience, advance HS research and connect with the community.


Link For HS Community Survey:

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**New** Living through Covid-19 times with Hidradenitis Suppurativa survey. Share your experience and take the survey here.


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