Do you write music, perform, write poetry, write short stories, work with wood, make knives, draw, paint, host a YouTube channel, or anything of the sort?  If so, show us how you express yourself or what you use to cope with your HS!  Click below to submit your talent!

*this does not have to be about HS, it can be how you escape from HS


Jeremy is a professional photographer, videographer, audio engineer/composer

and YouTuber



Painting with oil helps Angle cope

with her HS



Poetry by Mark


Alicia creates name signs for her nieces and nephews to help when feeling down.

David Maddox

Photography by Daid Maddox

The Funeral | Headless

Take a listen to The Funeral's first album, Headless. MaKellee wrote the song when she was 13 after being diagnosed with HS.


Click here to watch Adam's YouTube on how to kill your sugar addiction!


Valerie works with fluid mediums and resin to create beautiful pieces



Her art provides her an incredible

sense of self worth and satisfaction


Haley is a graphic designer who suffers from HS. She has always loved art and creating beautiful pieces of work.


Kara sings to help with anxiety and depression from HS. This is a cover of her singing "Warrior" by Demi Lovato.


A beautiful poem written by Cassi about HS.

Sarah Thompson

I am an author. I try to create worlds where others can escape to. 

Katie Bosworth

Click here to see more of Katie's coloring. 



Diamond art helps Marica take her

focus off of her HS



Check out Silvia's beautiful artwork which helps her handle her HS and cope


Vicky crafts in many different mediums to help cope with her HS.

Keevin Collier Sr.

Crappie Killa The Movie is an an HS documentary that can be viewed below.

*DISCLAIMER* Video contains adult language and marijuana use.

Mossy Moran

Mossy Moran is an HS warrior & musician with amazing talent. 

Kat Felgnar

Read Kat's beautiful poem by clicking below.