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Warrior Tattoos

Some of us have tattoos as symbols of our fight and struggles with HS.  We encourage you to share your HS inspired tattoo you want to share.  People are always looking for inspiration for HS tattoos, please share yours!  If there's a special meaning behind it, please also feel free to share that as well!

This tattoo was a matching tattoo I got with my nurse who cared for me through my whole journey (and still continues to). Its simple and nothing special, but this is it. I also designed it myself. 


The hydra represents HS, and Pain and Panic represent complex post traumatic stress disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.  In many ways I feel as though my GAD and HS are connected. Anxiety creates cortisol, which can cause me to flare. HS causes me anxiety. Fear that someone will smell it. Fear that I'll move wrong and tear a flare open. Fear that eventually it'll take over more of my life than it already has.  This piece gives me power in the sense that when people ask about it, It's an opening to tell them what it represents. To tell them about HS. It gives me power over my body, making myself into a canvas. 🖤



This is my HS inspired tattoo. It is my own design of a straitjacket which symbolizes the way HS has kept me from enjoying life and the wings symbolize a hopeful cure. 


Initium Novum which is Latin for 'New Beginnings.  Tanja had this tattoo done in Tiblisi Georgia while there for Phage treatment and felt that was her new beginning.  Learn more about phage treatment here.


My HS tattoo defines what this illness does to us warriors; the ripping and tearing of the skin and that our scars may flaw our skin, but they are a part of our story and are beautiful!