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This is an ancient Greek mythology creature called a Headless. They were theorized to be soldiers coming back from war, who's heads were permanently hunched towards their stomachs since they fought so long with their head down.

The quote I put along with the art is, "Sometimes you fight so hard, you lose your head." I also wrote the song, Headless, when I was 13 after I was first diagnosed with HS.

We also just released a new album that'll be out in a few days and will be up under our artist name on all these platforms. The new album has a lot of stuff hinting at my struggle with HS in a lot of the songs on this new one too. 


Guitar and lead vocals is Jacob Neild, and with backups, cajon, and lyricist, me, MaKellee Kathryn Doty-Robinson. 

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Pandora:  Search "The Funeral-Headless" in the radio search

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