People to Connect With

You may recognize some of these names as people who are well known in the HS community or are actively advocating for HS.  These people are from the US and UK, please take a moment to read their stories. 


Keevin Collier, Sr. 

Keevin is the  Founder & President of the HS STAND UP FOUNDATION. Collier is dedicated to raising awareness for HS & hopes that his personal story can serve as inspiration for others affected with the disease.

Maria Schraff UK.JPG

Maria Scharff, 61, Sweden

Maria is now 61 and has had HS since the early 70s, but just learned in 2017 that she actually has HS.  Her story mirrors many other HS patients.  Click below to read her full bio.


Penny White, US

Penny publishes the HS Journal monthly, the first of its kind.  The Journal is dedicated solely to HS and includes Penny's personal experience with the disease.


Inna Kay, Malta

Inna has had HS since the age of 8, despite being part of a family of doctors.  She is the Creative Director, Content Editor and Lifestyle blogger for fashion, beatuy and travel.  Inna has had success using phages for treatment of her HS.  


Susanne De Goeij, Netherlands

Susanne is an HS and Phage advocate.  Her experience with Phages recently has encouraged her to advocate for other HS patients and for healthcare overall in the Neatherlands for the use of Phages for other conditions as well.  Read more about Phages here.