Wound Care Supply Requests

Thanks to the donations to hsconnect.org and the kindness of some of our volunteers who have extra supplies, we are now able to help those who have fallen on hard times and cannot afford the bandages or some supplies to care for their HS.  

This is meant to help those who need it for a period of time and not as an ongoing supply as this is being done to help the HS community and we want to ensure that anyone who needs this has access to it.  

HS Connect will facilitate getting the supplies to you at our cost.  We hope that when/if you have extra supplies that you will think of HS Connect or another HS patient in your area who may benefit from the same.

We have various supplies available to include those listed below.  Please review and note which you are in need of.  In order to help us determine how many of each you need, please complete the form below and we will get back to you via email.