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Brindley Kons Brooks

HS Connect Founder &  Advocate

Brindley has had HS for 29 years and went from not telling anyone about this disease to having wide excisions and her 12 year old daughter being diagnosed with HS.  In the span of a year she went from almost 30 years of silence to running an HS advocate website.   She wants to no longer keep quiet about her journey and hopes to share information, and help her daughter with her HS journey.


Denise Panter-Fixsen

HS Connect Co-Founder & Advocate

Denise has had HS for 25 years and has been an advocate for 23 years.  She has worked with thousands of HS sufferers.  She is an active advocate and writes articles about all aspects of HS and hopes to compile all information into a book in the future to help everyone with HS.


Jodi Follina Rose

HS Connect Admin & HS Advocate

Jodi has dealt with HS for about 16 years and has quickly found her passion in advocacy.  She is an admin for numerous HS FaceBook groups so her name may be familiar to you.  She is passionate about ensuring that everyone has the most up to date information about treating HS.

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Ghazal Ghafari

HS Connect Admin & HS Advocate

Ghazal has had HS for the past 27 years and is pursuing her DO to further the care and study of HS for patients like herself.  Her unique perspective of having HS gives her a drive and determination other doctors who don't have this disease don't have.  


Roni Swihart

HS Connect Admin & HS Advocate

Roni was recently diagnosed with HS, but it has affected her life in many ways, including that she had to stop work due to the disease. She is ready to be a voice for those who don't have one and help others navigate this complex illness.

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