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  • Brindley Brooks

Donating Blood & Plasma

Donating blood is important if you’re physically able. All blood types are dangerously low and there is an emergency need for blood and platelet donors. Please give to ensure blood is available for patients facing trauma and other life-threatening situations. This should be considered our duty to the community and there are many lives that benefit from this selfless act.

Those of us with HS can donate as long as we do not have an active infection (this is not because you pass infection along, it’s for your own safety) and meet the medication guidelines. The reason they list infection under skin conditions is because they have to be careful of staph infections such as MRSA, this is not in reference to HS as HS is not an infectious disease, nor is it contagious.

Resource Links & Guidelines:

US (in alphabetical order; clicking on the ‘+’ symbol will give you more information)



Donating plasma is similar to giving blood, but is more involved. Please refer to the guidelines by country below.

Shared by Denise Panter-Fixsen for educational purposes

Edited by Brindley Kons


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