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  • Denise Fixsen

Meditation App Recommendation: Simple Habit

I have had this for a couple years now and do not know where I would be without it! A lot of you ask, with everything I go through, how do I do it and this is definitely one of my tools!

I pay $60 a year which amounts to $5 a month, literally pennies a day when you break it down. It is well worth it for all that they offer. There is a free version of the app, it is still good, but is somewhat limited.

Simple Habit offers tools and resources for meditation, stress, anxiety, and includes relaxing sounds/music for sleep. The app also offers lessons on how to meditate, which I encourage you to take time to go over before you dive in. They offer everything from chronic illnesses, pain, self-love, career, parenting, traveling, intimacy, relationships; there is no category they don't cover.

Some of their meditation sessions are as short as 5 minutes and can go up to 25 minutes; you pick what works for you. They offer many different instructors, so if you find you don’t respond well to one, there are many others to choose from. Read about their experts/instructors here:

Simple Habit Website:

Download the app on the app store or Google Play for android: Simple Habit


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